Heartfelt Hands COVID-19 Statement

At Heartfelt Hands, the health and safety of our clients and our therapists will always be our first priority. For that reason we halted our therapeutic services during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you use our services as an occasional treat or as a regular part of your wellness regimen, we know how important therapeutic bodywork is to your Health, Happiness, and Wholeness. So at Heartfelt Hands we are working to make sure that bodywork can safely remain a part of your life.


Even when the stay at home restrictions are lifted, our world will not be the same as it was pre corona-virus. In businesses and other public places around our city we will see new measures enacted to ensure our safety. It will be no different for us at Heartfelt Hands. With you in mind, we will take the measures listed below once our operations resume to ensure your health and safety. Please return to this page frequently to see updates as the situation warrants.


  1. Now that testing is widely available, all Heartfelt Hands therapists will be tested regularly for COVID-19 and will have their temperature taken with a forehead thermometer daily.

  2. The Heartfelt Hands studio will be thoroughly disinfected using an EPA approved agent after every appointment.        This includes the therapy table, all doorknobs, light switches, counters, and other commonly touched surfaces. Our new regimen will mean a longer time between appointments and fewer appointments during the day, so please       bear with us.

  3. To prevent cross-contamination, we will no longer dispense creams and oils from a common container, but we will        apportion individual amounts for each client from sterile, disposable cups. 

  4. All therapists will wear a mask during sessions.

  5. Each set of sheets will be wrapped in sterile plastic and opened only after the client arrives. 


We believe these measures will protect you, our client as we continue to be responsible partners in your wellness regimen.  At Heartfelt Hands your Health, Happiness, and Wholeness is always our goal. 


Despite the crisis, we can still live our best lives! We look forward to seeing you soon!